Sync Your Heartbeat to Mine
Otra vez.

    Bands I saw that were good: Band of Skulls, The Black Keys, Arcade Fire, !!!, Iron & Wine, Mumford & Sons, Junip, Cold War Kids, Big Boi, The Decemberists, Ratatat, and Beirut.

    Acts I wanted to see that I ended up missing: The Strokes, Explosions in the Sky, Gogol Bordello, Portugal. The Man, Devotchka, half of Ratatat’s set, Don Glover, The League Live

    What I loved: the music (that goes without saying), the There Tent (relaxation tent that was the best thing ever), the availability of water, the amount of kind people, the amount of “cheesecake”, bonding with friends (5/6 of them, at least), and getting to see Beirut play live, free ice cream

    What I didn’t like: the weather (felt like 110 degrees every day), the amount of time it took us to enter the festival (6 hours), abandonment, the names of the stages, bands playing at 2:30 AM, unnecessarily having to squeeze 6 people into a five-person sedan, the scheduling (Beirut conflicted with both Explosions in the Sky and The Strokes, Iron & Wine overlapped with Cold War Kids)

    Overall, I had a great time. Sure, things could have gone better, but I don’t regret a single thing.  

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